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Frequently Asked Questions

How do I sign-up for a first city loan?

To sign-up, call (800) 934-2489 and follow the easy, recorded instructions. If you need to make a payment to a First City loan from an account at another institution, click here

What is the mailing address for firefighters first credit union?

Firefighters First Credit Union. Mailing Address. Firefighters First Credit Union. P.O. Box 60890. Los Angeles, CA 90060-0890. Our routing number is: 322078341. Domestic: 800.231.1626. International/Outside the US: 1.323.254.1700.

How secure is first city?

You can be sure that all of the systems provided by First City are secured with multiple layers of encryption, firewalls, screening, filtering routers, intrusion detectors, authentication, and virus protection. You need to do your part to protect your information online by following these important precautions:

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