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Frequently Asked Questions

Where can I find an explorer conversion van for sale?

Find Explorer conversion vans for sale here at Paul Sherry Conversion Vans. We buy and sell conversion vans regularly which means that we always have a well rounded selection to choose from. Here are some reasons to browse our Explorer conversion van inventory:

How many conversion vans does explorator build?

Explorer has been building conversion vans since 1980. 35 years after the first Explorer van was completed, they are still a leading innovator in the conversion business today. In the early years, Explorer started out converting 2-4 vans each week.

How many convertibles does explorer sell each week?

In the early years, Explorer started out converting 2-4 vans each week. This number has grown exponentially since then, and continues. Explorer Vans are the fastest selling conversion van models in the United States. Browse New and Used Explorer Conversion Vans at Dave Arbogast.

Why choose our van conversions?

Our van conversions take a very nice van and mold it into something extraordinary, giving you added functionality and pleasure ... every day. Our enhancements are many. You won’t find them anywhere else. Only from our new line of Explorer custom vans.

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