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Frequently Asked Questions

What is roster notation?

Roster notation is one of the most simple techniques to represent the elements of a set. A method of listing the elements of a set in a row with comma separation within curly brackets is called the roster notation. What is Roster Form Example?

What is an example of roster form?

This roster form example describes the set that contains whole numbers less than or equal to 3. Another way to describe the set is whole numbers less than 4. The roster form example has elements listed of the set, with commas separating each element, and curly brackets around the series. What is roster form?

What are the natural numbers in roster form?

In roster form, all elements of set are listed. Natural numbers = 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, …

What is the roster form of set B in the diagram?

Example #1: What is the roster form of set B as shown in the Venn diagram? Explanation: Set B includes all elements in that circle, even elements that are included in other sets, like the number 2. Example #2: What is the roster form of set A, the set of the first 20 natural numbers divisible by 5.

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