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Frequently Asked Questions

How is electrowinning used to extract gold and silver?

In mining applications electrowinning is used to recover silver and gold from cyanide-based leach solutions. The precious metals are first dissolved or "leached" from the ore or concentrate into solution using cyanide. The leach solution loaded with gold or silver is known as Pregnant Leach Solution or PLS.

What is electrowinning and how does it work?

Electrowinning can also be used to control silver concentration in electrorefining since the process of electrodissolution is always more efficient that electroplating resulting in a build up of metal in solution over time.

How does silver electrolysis work?

During regular operation, electrolyte containing dissolved silver is circulated from a feed tank through the emew electrowinning cells to which an electrical current is applied. Silver powder deposits onto the cathode as the electrowinning progresses over time.

What is electrorefining of silver?

Electrorefining involves electrolysis of a silver anode in silver nitrate, low-acid electrolyte to form pure silver crystals on the cathode. The process can take several days and precious metals such as gold and platinum can be collected from the slime and sludge left behind when the silver and base metals dissolve in the electrolyte bath.

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