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Frequently Asked Questions

How do I login to edgenuity?

Once you type the web address into the address bar of your browser window and press the Enter key on your keyboard or the Search button in your browser window, you will be taken to the Edgenuity login page. Your student will need a username and password to enter the site. This information should be provided by your student’s school.

What is edgenuity's online learning for elementary students?

Edgenuity’s online learning for elementary students gives educators the tools and resources they need to close learning gaps, plan lessons, execute goals, measure success, and intervene to help students grow by optimizing grade-level learning using advanced and equitable solutions.

How can edgenuity® support your youngest students?

Support your youngest students with engaging, age-appropriate learning solutions that foster meaningful learning and application. Edgenuity ® provides standards-aligned intervention and engaging online curriculum to give your students everything they need to build an early foundation for learning.

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