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Frequently Asked Questions

What are edgenuity’s Guided notes?

Edgenuity’s Guided Notes are designed to help students take a more active role in their learning. Guided Notes are available for many courses, but not all in the Edgenuity platform. To access the Guided Notes, click the plus symbol on the unit header bar in the course map, then click on Guided Notes to download the printable pdf.

How do I contact edgenuity customer support?

If you are having issues accessing one of Edgenuity’s products or solutions, our Customer Support team is here to help via live chat, email, or phone. For questions about how to use one of our solutions, visit our robust Help Center (product-specific links below).

Why can't I log in to my edgenuity account?

Trouble logging in? The username and password combination you entered isn't correct. Make sure you're logging in at the correct address for your site. If you are taking a class with an Edgenuity virtual teacher, you may need to log in here. Ask your teacher or the Edgenuity administrator at your site for help.

How can edgenuity help teachers transition to online learning?

As educators transition to online learning, classrooms and instruction methods need to be restructured to work in this new environment. Edgenuity is proud to have supported virtual learning for over 20 years, and has produced many resources to help teachers be successful with online learning.

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