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Frequently Asked Questions

Who sells off road diesel?

Wilco offers customers the opportunity to purchase on-road and off-road diesel at a fixed price with no deposit or prepayment. Free off-site storage is provided for up to 30 calendar days from the date of contract signing. You choose the delivery date inside the 30-day purchasing window. New contracts are available daily.

Why is diesel fuel still used?

Diesel fuel simply packs more energy in every gallon than gas fuel, which makes it more economical overall. Diesel engines are still more efficient than gas engines, but less so for those who are ...

Is diesel fuel cleaner than gasoline?

Diesel also produces fewer highly-toxic emissions than gasoline. To another important question — is diesel cleaner with respect to the toxic byproducts generated during production, — again, the answer is “yes.”. The fact is, there are only one or two measures by which diesel is dirtier than gasoline.

Are diesel fuel additives worth it?

The reality has left few seeing any benefits and resulted in the belief that additives were deemed expensive and unnecessary. Diesel is no longer made from easily sourced sweet crude. Fuel has changed completely, refiners are constantly under pressure to cut costs.

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