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Frequently Asked Questions

What is the DGFT EBRC platform?

The DGFT also implements the eBRC platform, which allows banks to electronically upload to the DGFT server all foreign exchange realisation-related information related to exports. This information is transmitted through a digital certificate – the eBRC. Before the DGFT introduced the eBRC platform in 2012, the process was entirely manual.

What is BRC In DGFT?

BRC details available in the DGFT server do not contain values of Commission, Insurance and Freight. These are to be entered by the exporters while making applications under various DGFT schemes. Q.8 What happens if banks have reported BRC which is less than total realized value?

How does EBRC work for exporters?

This process is further secured by use of digital certificate. Now with eBRC, an exporter doesn’t need to go to his bank for Bank Realisation Certificate, which has made the process of claiming export incentives and benefits from DGFT and other export agencies much easier. At present, there are 132 banks for which DGFT is providing this facility.

Does DGFT receive foreign currency realisation information?

DGFT is already receiving information for shipping bills electronically through EDI ports, now with this integration with banks it is receiving the foreign currency realisation details too which can be linked to each shipping bill.

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