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Frequently Asked Questions

What are administrative tools in Windows 10 control panel?

Windows 10 Administrative Tools is a folder in Control Panel that contains tools for system administrators and advanced users. The tools in the folder might vary depending on which edition of Windows you are using. These tools were included in previous versions of Windows.

What is ‘footswitch control’ in Pro Tools?

If you are making use of either a 002 or 003 peripheral, you may have noticed an option labeled ‘Footswitch Control’, this relates to a 1/4 jack on the back of the device allowing you to connect a relevant pedal (such as that of a piano sustain pedal) to control either recording or playback within Pro Tools.

How do I run a control panel tool in Windows?

To run a Control Panel tool in Windows, type the appropriate command in the Open box or at a command prompt. NOTE: If you want to run a command from a command prompt, you must do so from the Windows folder.

How do I change the control panel in Windows 10?

In the search box next to Start on the taskbar, type control panel.Select Control Panel from the list of results.. Note: Many Control Panel features are simpler and faster in Settings .. Open Settings

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