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Frequently Asked Questions

How do you use demand forecasting?

Use a dynamic set of forecast dimensions. Visualize demand trends, confidence intervals, and adjustments of the forecast. Authorize the adjusted forecast to be used in planning processes. Remove outliers. Create measurements of forecast accuracy. Modularity – Demand forecasting is modular and easy to configure.

How to forecast demand using moving average?

The forecast function simply uses the Moving average forecast method to predict the next demand. If we do not have known X, then we have entered the number manually, giving 1 for the first value and so on. X-: This is a numeric value where we need to forecast new y value Known_ Y-: This Known y_values is a dependent array or range of data.

What is short-term demand forecasting?

Short-term demand forecasting is usually done for a time period of less than 12 months. It looks at demand for under a year of sales to inform the day-to-day (e.g., planning production needs for a Black Friday/Cyber Monday promotion). Long-term demand forecasting is done for greater than a year.

What data sources are used to generate demand forecasts?

The data sources can include Microsoft Excel files, comma-separated value (CSV) files, and data from Microsoft Dynamics AX 2009 and Microsoft Dynamics AX 2012. Therefore, you can generate demand forecasts that consider historical data that is spread among multiple systems.

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