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Frequently Asked Questions

What is Death Stranding actually about?

What is Death Stranding actually about? Death Stranding is a game about connections, and the point of the game is to reconnect humanity. Following a mysterious supernatural event called the Death Stranding, the population of America has fragmented and dispersed, with small knots of people gathering in isolated cities.

What can we expect from 'Death Stranding'?

Throughout Death Stranding the player can find quite a few pieces of gear to make traversing the terrain easier. The most obvious of these are the Exo-Skeletons, which Sam can equip for different bonuses. There are three present in the game, and here we will be detailing their different perks and how to obtain all of them.

What is the plot for Death Stranding?

The Death Stranding began when the Beach, the world between the afterlife and the physical world of the living, became entangled with the living world. Immediately following the Death Stranding, whenever a human died their corpse would become a Beached Thing (BT) unless destroyed before it begins to necrotize.

What does Death Stranding mean?

· 2y Strand has a double, hell, almost a triple meaning. 1, "Stranding" means to drive a ship (or anything naval) onto land, getting it stuck. This meaning is used metaphorically in the title: Death, or more precisely the souls of the dead, have gotten stranded in the world of the living.

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