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Frequently Asked Questions

Is DDR4 better than DDR3 RAM for gaming?

The amount of RAM doesn’t matters all the time but speed is absolutely matters. So 8GB DDR4 is better in most cases than 16GB DDR3. Is DDR3 RAM good for gaming? Higher end systems that use DDR3 memory can still be respectable gaming rigs in 2020.

Is DDR3 memory compatible with DDR4?

Unfortunately, that can’t be done. DDR3 and DDR4 laptop memory are not compatible / interchangeable. First of all, a DDR3 laptop RAM module can’t physically fit into a DDR4 laptop RAM slot and vice versa. Notches on the connectors of memory sticks are on different places.

Is 8GB enough RAM for a gaming PC?

In terms of RAM, 8GB will be plenty for both mid-level and high-end gaming play as long as it isn't pushed to its limits; plenty leftover while multitasking or running background programs (though this may change depending). Eight gigabytes of RAM is more than adequate for less demanding activities.

Does My Motherboard support 8GB of RAM?

To dentify what architecture your system is right click on the windows tab (down left corner on your screen ) in the rise up tab click on “SYSTEM” here you will see what your system is (32 or 64bit and alsow byside the prosesors architecture x86=32bit or x64) In case of x64 your mobo supports 8GB RAM in case x86 or 32bit DO NOT support 8GB.

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