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Frequently Asked Questions

What are the rules of DHG?

To facilitate respect, the excessive use of profanity, strong language, bad language, cursing, or swearing – in any language - should be strongly discouraged during practices and tournaments. Remember, your actions reflect all of DHG and not just yourself, especially in public lobbies. Do not fall victim to another user egging you on.

What is prohibited in the DHG workplace?

To protect the youth members in our organization, the formation or development of a romantic or intimate relationship in the DHG Workplace is strictly prohibited. Those involved in a relationship outside of DHG, need to check their relationships at the door while online. 9. Unsportsmanlike conduct is strictly prohibited by DHG and by XBL.

Is tea-bagging allowed in DHG?

(Tea-bagging is the gesture displayed by crouching and standing rapidly. No dead bodies need be present.) Any form of in-game humiliation; such as, intentionally shooting, knifing, or otherwise desecrating a dead body, will not be tolerated in DHG.

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