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Frequently Asked Questions

What does DCI stand for?

The following is a list of current drum corps competing as members of Drum Corps International (DCI). [1] † = One of the thirteen charter members of Drum Corps International. Impulse!

How many products does DCI have?

With over 2,300 products available, from chair & stool parts and foot controls, to syringes and vacuum components, we have a large selection of quality products. Read through one of our catalogs, including our Parts or our DCI Reliance Line to learn more about our offerings. Want to shop on the go?

Who is competing at the DCI World Championships in Allentown?

The Allentown event, scheduled for August 4 and 5, will feature all 22 of DCI’s World Class corps, as well as Drum Corps Associates’ defending gold and silver medalists — Reading Buccaneers and Hawthorne Caballeros — and SoundSport participant Sonus Brass Theater.

What is a full record in DCI?

A full record for an item in DCI provides standard bibliographic information as well as enhanced indexing, including, where applicable: research area, Web of Science category, taxonomic data, demographics, gene name, geospatial terms, methodology, and time period.

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