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Frequently Asked Questions

When does the Nepali calendar start?

The calendar begins on the first day of Baisakh (month), which is usually April 13 or 14 of the Gregorian calendars. Nepali Date to English Date: Subtract – 56 Years – 8 Months – 17 Days

What is Nepali date converter?

Nepali Date Converter. Nepali Date Converter converts Bikram sambat Nepali date to English date and vice versa. It is a date converter between Bikram sambat B.S and Gregorian calendar (Anno Domini)(A.D). Current version of nepali date converter is v5.8.

What is the language of Nepal called?

The language was also named as Gorakhā bhāṣā ( Nepali: गोरखा भाषा ), which literally means Language of Gorkhas, during the Shah dynasty.

What is the earliest Nepali grammar?

The earliest Nepali grammar to have survived was written by Veerendra Keshari Aryal entitled "Nepali Vyakaran" and it is dated around 1891 to 1905. The grammar is based on Panini model and it equates Nepali with Prakrit and labels it as "the mountain Prakrit".

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