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Frequently Asked Questions

Can You mount a dash cam on top of the dash?

You might be able to make a similar mount and adapt it to other cameras. Pretty much any dashcam can be mounted onto or above the top of the dash. There are just multiple problems in doing that which don't happen when mounted high on the windshield as usual.

How do you mount a V1 camera on a dashboard?

Secure dash-cams in place with the Rexing suction cup mount for V1 Basic, V1-4K, and V1P-4K dash cameras. An intuitive mounting slot makes attaching cameras easy, while the durable suction cup offers simple and secure installation on most dashboards. This Rexing suction cup mount has a convenient knob for adjusting camera angles.

What is an extra adhesive dash cam windshield Mount?

An extra adhesive dash cam windshield mount for a second vehicle or to replace a damaged or lost... This is an extra set of (2) adhesive mounting pads for your BlackVue dash cam. These pads are... An extra adhesive BlackVue rear windshield mount for a second vehicle or to replace a damaged or lost...

Is there a spare front mount for the thinkware F800 pro dash cam?

This is a spare or replacement front mount and adhesive for the Thinkware F800 Pro dash cam. Thinkware F800... Here you will find different mounting options for specific dash cam brands and models, as well as more universal mounts that will work for a variety of dash cams, and other accessories such as radar detectors.

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