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Frequently Asked Questions

How to compare laptops?

Laptops are available in a spectrum of configurations, sizes, and designs. And, the best way to compare them is on an online platform. Gadgets Now is the right place where you can compare laptops on the basis of different criteria such as brand, price, user rating, OS, processor, RAM, storage, battery, display type, and many more.

What is the best laptops comparison website in India?

Smartprix is India's best laptops comparison website and app. Our AI-based compare tool compares the latest laptops effortlessly. Also, it offers a quick analysis of the laptops on basis of technical specifications, features, and prices to recommend the best device.

Are Apple laptops good?

Apple laptops (like the Macbook Pro and Macbook Air) are high end, incredibly efficient, ultraportable laptops with generally fantastic build quality and performance geared towards the mainstream user, without any options for a lot of power, as that is simply not the market they are intended for.

What are the cheapest laptops on the market?

For example, HP makes some of the cheapest consumer laptops with decent specs on the market. They are able to do this because the quality of the HP Envy and HP Pavilion laptops are incredibly low and they are generally just… well… not good.

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