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Frequently Asked Questions

How to compare laptops?

Compare laptops online quickly and easily: to see the list of specs and prices compared side by side just select two or more notebooks and click "Compare" button. Such comparisons will help you to buy the best laptop for now with the most powerful specification. New notebooks are regularly added to our laptop comparison site.

What are the different sizes of laptops?

Laptops are usually categorized by their display sizes: 11 to 12 inches: The thinnest and lightest systems around have 11- to 12-inch screens and typically weigh 2.5 to 3.5 pounds.

What are the best specs for a laptop?

Bottom Line. Whether you're picking components off a menu screen on or choosing between two configurations of an Asus laptop on, the best specs are the same. Unless you're buying a really inexpensive laptop, go for a 1080p screen, a Core i5 CPU, at least 8GB of RAM and an SSD that has 256GB or more.

What is the best laptops comparison website in India?

Smartprix is India's best laptops comparison website and app. Our AI-based compare tool compares the latest laptops effortlessly. Also, it offers a quick analysis of the laptops on basis of technical specifications, features, and prices to recommend the best device.

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