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Frequently Asked Questions

How do I run the ipconfig /all command?

From your desktop move the cursor to top right hand corner and the Start Menu will appear then click on Search.... In the Search box type cmd and click on Command Prompt from the list of Apps. From the Command Prompt (black) screen, type ipconfig /all press enter. You will now see the results or output.

What is the purpose of using the ipconfig /all command?

Ipconfig stands for Internet Protocol Configuration. It is a Windows command that is used to display the current configuration of network interfaces. We can also use the ipconfig command to manage Windows DNS resolver cache and release and renew IP addresses.

How do you use the ipconfig /all command to find an IP address?

In Command Prompt, enter ipconfig. You’ll see your IP address next to the IPv4 Address. In Command Prompt, enter ipconfig /all. You’ll see more detailed information in addition to your IP address. This article shows you how to use Command Prompt on your Windows computer to obtain your IP address.

How do I open the command prompt in Windows?

Opening Command Prompt in the Windows Operating System is as simple as a few clicks. Step 1: Go to the Start Menu. This is at the bottom left of the screen. RUN. Step 2: Type cmd in the search bar and hit Enter. The ones who love shortcuts in Windows can also use Ctrl+R which routes them to RUN, and then they can search for cmd and hit enter.

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