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Frequently Asked Questions

What is come?

Definition of come. Come and see what's going on. c (1) : to reach a particular station in a series Now we come to the section on health. (2) : to arrive in due course The time has come to make your decision.

What is the difference between come and go?

We use come to describe movement between the speaker and listener, and movement from another place to the place where the speaker or listener is. We usually use go to talk about movement from where the speaker or listener is to another place. … We often use and in common fixed expressions.

What is the past tense of come?

You use come to talk about movement towards the place where you are, or towards a place where you have been or will be. Come and look. Eleanor had come to visit her. You must come and see me about it. The past tense of come is came. The -ed participle is come. The children came along the beach towards me. A ship had just come in from Turkey.

What does come to terms mean?

come to terms 1 : to reach an agreement —often used with with The company has come to terms with the union. 2 : to become adjusted especially emotionally or intellectually —usually used with with come to terms with modern life

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