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Frequently Asked Questions

How do you clear cache in Firefox?

To get to the Clear Data screen through the menus, do this:In Firefox's menu button (the three-lined hamburger icon), select Options .Choose Privacy & Security from the left.Select Clear Data in the Cookies and Site Data area. ...In the Clear Data screen that opens, select Cached Web Content .Choose Clear .

How to empty Firefox cache?

The Short VersionOpen up FirefoxClick on the hamburger menu in the top right-hand cornerClick on SettingsClick on Privacy and SecurityScroll down to the Cookies and Site Data sectionMake sure both boxes are tickedClick ClearClick Clear Now

How to access cache on Windows 10?

Press the Win + R keys, type in “services.msc” (no quotes) and press Enter or click OK.Locate the DNS Client service (or Dnscache on some computers) and double-click it to open its Properties.Change the Startup Type to Disabled.To re-enable the service, repeat the steps above and change the Startup Type to Automatic.

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