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Frequently Asked Questions

What is CenterPoint securities?

CenterPoint Securities offers flexible pricing that allows traders to utilize powerful services at cost-effective rates. Our commission structure is designed with active traders in mind. Web platform fee waived after 20k shares traded per month. Pro platform fee waived after 200k shares traded per month.

How much does the centerpoint trader platform cost?

The CenterPoint Trader platform was specifically designed to offer CenterPoint Securities customers a powerful, reliable and fully-customisable trading experience. This platform fee is $100 per month but is waived if the client trades more than 200K shares in any given month.

Is CenterPoint a good clearing firm?

Our clearing firm offers an extensive easy to borrow list and has an industry leading securities lending team with decades of experience. This further places CenterPoint as a top competitive choice for traders who rely on shorting as a major part of their trading strategy. Never miss a trade…

Does CenterPoint Energy offer direct deposit of dividends?

Yes, CenterPoint Energy offers direct deposit of dividends. Click here to learn more. Does CenterPoint Energy have a Dividend Reinvestment Program (DRIP)? Yes. CenterPoint Energy has a Dividend Reinvestment Program called Investor's Choice.

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