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Frequently Asked Questions

What is the California DOJ Bureau of firearms?

Welcome to the California DOJ Bureau of Firearms. The Bureau of Firearms serves the people of California through education, regulation, and enforcement actions regarding the manufacture, sales, ownership, safety training, and transfer of firearms.

Can the California Department of Justice delay a firearm transaction?

The California Department of Justice (the Department) is authorized by Penal Code section 28220 to temporarily delay a firearm transaction for up to 30 days from the date of transaction when the Department is unable to immediately determine the purchaser's eligibility to own/possess firearms.

What firearms are exempt from California gun laws?

Private party transfers, curio/relic handguns, certain single-action revolvers, and pawn/consignment returns are exempt from this requirement. Additional information on the Roster of Certified Handguns can be found at California Code of Regulations, title 11, section 4070 .

How do I report firearm ownership in California?

A personal firearm importer is required to report ownership of their firearms by submitting a New Resident Firearm Ownership Report within sixty (60) days of bringing the firearms into California. You have either a California identification, driver license or military identification The firearm being reported was acquired outside of California

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