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Which NHL goalie had the best designed mask?

Top 10 NHL Goalie Masks (1967-82)Ken Dryden. By 1970, there were goalie masks of all types, but the one thing they had in common was their color, or lack thereof.Wayne Stephenson. ...John Davidson. ...Dan Bouchard. ...Murray Bannerman. ...Gary Simmons. ...Gilles Meloche. ...Gary Bromley. ...Gerry Cheevers. ...Gilles Gratton. ...

Who is the best hockey goalie in the NHL?

The NHL's top 25 goalies of all time 1. Dominik Hasek. Forget just talking about goalies. Dominik Hasek is one of the most dominant players in NHL history... 2. Ken Dryden. Ken Dryden played only eight years in the NHL but, wow, did he make the most of them. This is an example... 3. Jacques Plante. ...

What NHL goalie has the most career saves?

Stats wise, Brodeur is at the top of the list of most major goaltender stats. Brodeur is the all-time leader in career wins (691), shutouts (125), playoff shutouts (24), saves (28,508) and he has also scored three goals in his career, a record for goaltenders.

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