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Frequently Asked Questions

Is the BBC a reliable site?

The BBC is probably the most reliable news source in the world and CNN has been an advertising medium for junk products and tabloid entertainment for at least 10 years. The BBC operates at the minimum level of a college sophomore and at most much higher.

Who really controls the BBC?

Well yes, and no. The government controls it through a board that they appoint in the same way that shareholders would appoint a board of governors to manage their Company. In that sense they own it. The BBC is funded by a compulsory tax on televisions.

Is the BBC really biased?

Yes, the BBC is biased. It’s not a simplistic case of it always biasing in one direction, or everything it does being biased, but right now there is a very clear bias being shown towards the government.

What is the relationship between PBS and the BBC?

PBS and BBC have a business-to-business relationship by which PBS pays a largely market-determined amount of money for BBC programming because they believe it brings value to their audience. They have decades of evidence to suggest that there is a desire among their constituency for this programming.

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