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Frequently Asked Questions

What does QJ stand for in QJ medicine?

QJ may refer to: QJ, a UHF band radio frequency. QJ (New York City Subway service), a defunct New York City Subway service, now superseded by the J/Z services. ATCvet code QJ Antiinfectives for systemic use, a section of the Anatomical Therapeutic Chemical Classification System for veterinary medicinal products.

When was the last year the QJ was built?

The 500th QJ was built in 1968, the 1000th in 1970, the 2000th in 1974 and the 3000th in 1979, with production rates varying from 150 to over 300 per year between 1966 and 1985. Production ended in 1988.

Where can I find the qj-6020?

QJ-6020 is on display at Jining Locomotive Depot, Hohhot Railway Bureau ^ GPCS is a technology which uses the carbon in coal and engine steam as source of synthesis gas for more efficient and cleaner combustion. ^ a b c d e f g h i j k l m nDuncan Cotterill. "Railography : Class Profiles : QJ Class 2-10-2".

What kind of tenders did they use in the QJ?

The prototypes used 8 wheel tenders, while later production models used 12 wheel tenders. QJs were equipped with mechanical stokers, feedwater heaters, electric lights, and air horns. Various modifications were used on some machines, including an ejector similar to the giesl type and smoke deflectors.

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