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Frequently Asked Questions

What is the best Arduino circuit diagram maker?

Fritzing Circuit Diagram Maker: Fritzing is one of the most popular Arduino circuit diagram makers out there, with releases for macOS, Windows, and Linux. This tool is very affordable, and the money you pay for it goes towards improving the software and documentation that comes with it.

What is KiCad EDA Arduino Wiring Diagram maker?

KiCad EDA Arduino Wiring Diagram Maker KiCad is a cross-platform and open-source electronics design automation suite for PCB and circuit diagram design. This tool can create accurate PCB layouts using a suite of components and even has a 3D viewer tool so that you can inspect the PCBs that you design.

What can I do with Arduino?

Prototype your designs with 1:1 representations of Arduino, micro:bit, and other common components. We have a large collection of premade virtual electronic components you can try out in the Starters library. Program and interact with a realistically simulated micro:bit. Start with an example design and edit with code.

How do I create a virtual circuit?

Place and wire electronic components (even a lemon) to create a virtual circuit from scratch, or use our starter circuits to explore and try things out. No additional hardware required. Using our interactive circuit editor, you can explore, connect, and code virtual projects. Learning with Arduino or micro:bit?

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