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Frequently Asked Questions

What are AP rules?

Associated Press style is to use dashes, not bullets, for lists that follow a colon. The department prefers bullets, but punctuate them per AP style: After each bullet, capitalize the first letter and use periods at the end of each item. Colon Capitalize the first word after a colon only if it is a proper noun or the start of a complete sentence.

What is the AP Style Guide?

The AP Stylebook should be a genuine guide of information for journalists that reflects the facets of our world—a world that exists beyond he/him, she/her and the "limited" use of they/them. Since the AP is unable to respect the pronouns of others ...

Is state Senate capitalized AP style?

“Capitalize when referring to the U.S. Senate and House together. The adjective is lowercase unless part of a formal name.” Support high-integrity, independent journalism that serves democracy.

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