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Frequently Asked Questions

What is another word for searches?

synonyms for search Compare Synonyms examination exploration hunt inquiry inspection investigation pursuit quest research chase frisking going-over inquest pursual pursuance pursuing rummage scrutiny shakedown fishing expedition legwork perquisition wild-goose chase witch hunt See also synonyms for: searched / searcher / searches / searching

What is a synonym for searching?

Synonyms for searching like alert, curious, discerning, incisive, intent, minute, penetrating, piercing, sharp, thorough with many more. And vague is a opposite of searching. Q. What is the synonym of searching? A. Alert is a synonym of searching.

What is another word for looking?

looking for; looking to; observant; on alert; on guard; on the ball; on the job; on the lookout; on the qui vive; on toes; open-eyed; sharp; sleepless; unsleeping; waiting on; wakeful; wary; wide-awake; with eyes peeled; with weather eye open

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