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Frequently Asked Questions

Is Aircraft Maintenance Engineering a good career?

Yes, Aircraft maintenance engineering has a good career, as AME course is a licenced based course and the payscale of an AME is generally high. Is Aircraft Maintenance Engineering in demand? Aircraft maintenance engineering is the most demanding course as according to DCGA, there is a demand for 7,54,000 licensed AMEs worldwide.

What is the meaning of aircraft maintenance?

Product Terms Definition What is aircraft maintenance? Aircraft maintenance is a highly-regulated field requiring a robust regimen of scheduled or preventive servicing, inspection, testing, repair, and overhaul or modification activities by certified Maintenance, Repair and Overhaul (MRO) technicians on every aircraft in service.

What does an aircraft maintenance technician do?

An aircraft maintenance technician is a certified mechanic who is responsible for inspecting aircraft, installing parts, performing preventive maintenance and conducting repairs. They should be familiar with aircraft engines, hydraulics, fuel pumps, starters, electronic parts, frames, landing gear and more.

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