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Frequently Asked Questions

Should you avoid alcohol if you have hepatitis?

If you've been diagnosed with alcoholic hepatitis, you must stop drinking alcohol and never drink alcohol again. It's the only way to possibly reverse liver damage or prevent the disease from worsening. People who don't stop drinking are likely to develop a variety of life-threatening health problems.

Can You reverse alcoholic hepatitis?

While mild alcoholic hepatitis may be reversed, once it reaches the stage of liver cirrhosis, it is irreversible. After diagnosis, abstaining from alcohol can improve your lifespan. Mild alcoholic hepatitis can usually be reversed. However, if it becomes severe and reaches the stage of liver cirrhosis, it is usually irreversible.

Do you know the early signs of hepatitis?

There are various signs and symptoms associated with Hepatitis. The following are some of them: Fever Feelings of exhaustion and tiredness Sore and weak muscles Dark urine Jaundice A lot of people with acute hepatitis C express no symptoms and will go on to develop chronic hepatitis C.

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