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Frequently Asked Questions

What does abatement mean legally?

The definition of abatement refers to the process of something ending or becoming less than it was at a prior time. An example of abatement would be the reduction in a government fee. Abatement is defined as the interruption or end of something. An example of abatement is when a court case is stopped due to the termination of a law suit.

What is abatement and the law?

abatement, in law, the interruption of a legal proceeding upon the pleading by a defendant of a matter that prevents the plaintiff from going forward with the suit at that time or in that form. … The term abatement is also used in law to mean the removal or control of an annoyance.

What does abatement means?

So, the abutment is the piece that connects the implant to the final outer crown. Usually, it is made to custom-fit a person’s mouth in a dental laboratory using highly technical computerized technology or a dental technologist’s skills; however, in some cases, they are pre-made. A dental implant can be a permanent way to replace a missing tooth.

What is an abatement period?

Abatement Period means the period that begins on the Commencement Date and ends on the day immediately prior to the 6-month anniversary of the Commencement Date. Popular Trending

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