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Frequently Asked Questions

What is the best security suite for PC?

Best Premium PC Security Suite. Our top pick for a premium antivirus suite is Kaspersky Total Security, which sets itself apart with the richest set of defenses and most helpful extra features. It has nearly perfect malware detection, a moderate system load, a secure browser for online banking and shopping, a military-grade file shredder,...

Which Antivirus is best?

Kaspersky Essential Suite is our choice for the best antivirus for PC because it provides wider protection against malware than Windows Defender. As part of their most affordable package, Kaspersky protects up to 3 PCs, and provides performance optimization and real-time virus protection.

What is the best virus protection program?

As with most things, the best virus protection is prevention; an anti-malware program that will stop malware before it can get on your system. Possibly the most well known type of virus protection is an anti-virus software.

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