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Frequently Asked Questions

Does the Chevy Silverado have a factory radio?

The Chevy Silverado offered several dfferent factory radios, any of which can be replaced when you have the right kit and harness. (Crutchfield Research Photo) These trucks came equipped with several stereo systems, including a 6 CD in-dash Bose® system and options to add navigation, rear seat audio, DVD systems, or satellite radio.

How do I replace the speakers in my Silverado/Sierra?

Speaker replacement in the Silverado/Sierra is straightforward. The factory speakers in the front doors are closest in size to an aftermarket 6-3/4" speaker, but you’ll need an adapter plate to install any speaker in there.

Where is the woofer on a Chevy Silverado?

If your Silverado or Sierra came equipped with the Bose system, there is a small woofer mounted in the center console, along with the amplifier that powers all your factory Bose speakers. If you want more bass, it’s a good idea to simply eliminate or bypass this woofer and add a new, larger sub with a more powerful amp.

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