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Frequently Asked Questions

What is the history of Grand Manner portraits?

The postures and gestures in Grand Manner portraits were often derived from ancient Roman sculpture or Italian Renaissance paintings. Another major precedent was early seventeenth-century English court portraiture by the two Flemish masters knighted by King Charles I, Sir Peter Paul Rubens and Sir Anthony van Dyck.

What is a history painting?

Sophisticated Europeans from the seventeenth through nineteenth centuries deemed “history painting” to be the supreme achievement in the visual arts. In addition to imaginatively re-creating actual events from the past, history paintings also illustrated heroic or moralizing episodes from religion, mythology, and literature.

What are some paintings from the XVII century?

'Desecration of the Crucifix or Christ of the Insults'. XVII century. Oil on c... Painting 'A Larder'. XVII century. Oil on canvas. Painting 'Saint John the Evangelist in Patmos'. Second half of the XVII cent... Painting 'Women Gladiators'. XVII century. Oil on canvas. Painting 'Penitent Magdalene'. Second half of the XVII century. Oil on canvas.

What are the challenges of history painting?

The central challenge of history painting lay in selecting a particular subject that could engage the heart and instruct the mind. In devising appropriate figures, the painter demonstrated his mastery of anatomy and expression. Grand settings and symbolic accessories proved the artist’s grasp of perspective depth and still-life draftsmanship.

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