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Frequently Asked Questions

What do the numbers on a basketball jersey stand for?

What do the numbers on the basketball jerseys mean? They are there to tell the players apart. Each player wears a different number. In American high school and college basketball the only legal numbers are 0 or 00 (but not both may be worn),1 , 2,...

Do basketball jersey numbers mean anything?

Well it varies from player to player obviously, but here are some numbers with special meanings I remember: Kevin Durant: wears number 35 in memory of his AAU coach who was killed when he was 35. Michael Jordan: MJ's brother used to wear 45, so MJ...

Do basketball players pick their jersey number?

NBA players can pick numbers from 00 – 99. If the jersey a player wants is retired, then the player has to write to the individual to ask permissions to wear that jersey number. We have taken a look at the rules in relation to jersey numbers. Are there any jersey numbers that NBA players not allowed to wear?

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