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Frequently Asked Questions

What happened to the Taos yarn shop?

The place for extraordinary hand dyed yarns and fibers, as well as hand spun yarns, multi textured yarns, and inspiration. As of May 2020, the actual brick and mortar shop in Taos, NM closed, and transformed into the online shop.

What's it like working with Joe at Taos wools?

The quality Joe provides in both yarn and service is rare and remarkable!! Joe dyed yarn for Weaving Southwest for several years and was a huge part of Weaving Southwest's Churro Club. I know he will approach his new endeavor, Taos Wools, with love and passion for his customers and the products he provides.

Who is Tierra Wools?

Proudly handcrafted in New Mexico since 1983. Come visit Tierra Wools to witness Rio Grande weaving heritage live on through the generations. Visit our workshop and gallery to watch local weavers hand weave on Rio Grande Style looms, learn about natural and commercial hand-dye processes, and see locally grown yarns and fibers spun into yarn.

What can I buy at Tierra Wools?

Shop for a one of a kind hand-woven masterpiece or prepare to make your own with our wide array of weaving and knitting yarns, craft kits, books, weaving and knitting equipment, and more. Read our story. Can’t make to Tierra Wools? Visit our online store!

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