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Frequently Asked Questions

What is Yale School of Management Finance known for?

Yale School of Management. Finance. Financial economics encompasses a broad area of topics and issues, including corporate investments and financing policy, security valuation, portfolio management, the behavior of prices in speculative markets, financial institutions, and intermediation.

Is Yale finance the employer of choice in finance?

Taking steps as an organization to become “the employer of choice in finance and higher education,” Yale Finance has announced three initiatives to help its professionals learn, grow and enjoy the satisfaction that comes with supporting Yale’s mission.

What degree programs does Yale offer?

Graduate & Professional Study Yale offers advanced degrees through its Graduate School of Arts & Sciences and 12 professional schools. Browse the organizations below for information on programs of study, academic requirements, and faculty research. Graduate School of Arts & Sciences

What is the Yale Program on financial stability?

The Yale Program on Financial Stability’s mission is to create, disseminate, and preserve knowledge about financial crises. The program’s major projects include the Systemic Risk Institute, New Bagehot Project, Global Financial Crisis Project, and Financial Crises Archives.

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