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Frequently Asked Questions

What degrees does Yale School of Management offer?

The Yale School of Management offers three one-year programs leading to the degree of Master of Management Studies (M.M.S.): the M.M.S. in Systemic Risk, the M.M.S. in Global Business and Society, and the M.M.S. in Asset Management.

Why study Global Management at Yale University?

The school's integrated curriculum, close ties to Yale University, and active connection to the Global Network for Advanced Management ensure that our students both acquire crucial technical skills and develop a genuine understanding of an increasingly complex global context.

What can I do with a year at Yale?

Launch your career in the asset management industry by spending a year at Yale learning from leading finance scholars and from practicing investors at some of the world’s most successful institutions.

What's it like to study at Yale?

Your days will be spent studying—both in Evans Hall and across the beautiful Yale campus—and exploring everything New Haven has to offer. As part of Yale University, you'll be among leading thinkers and teachers, as well as a cohort of fellow students pursuing excellence across fields of study.

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