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Frequently Asked Questions

How many pages are in the history timeline Book?

There are approximately 130 pages total in this History Timeline book, so it is a lot to print up at one time. To download the new front cover, Click on the button below. The number one item you may want to purchase is a landscape binder for your timeline pages. I use the one below from Amazon.

How do you record ancient history events in a timeline Book?

Ancient history events can be recorded in the ancient history section of the Timeline book. Don’t forget to add in important events from your own lives; such as weddings, births, etc. Using actual pictures (small) and gluing them in will help your child visualize the events and people in their history timeline books.

What is the core document for AP World History?

AP World History: Modern Course and Exam Description This is the core document for this course. Unit guides clearly lay out the course content and skills and recommend sequencing and pacing for them throughout the year. The CED was updated in the summer of 2020 to include scoring guidelines for the example questions. PDF 7 MB Course Resources

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