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Frequently Asked Questions

What is the meaning of Wohnen?

wohnen (weak, third-person singular present wohnt, past tense wohnte, past participle gewohnt, auxiliary haben) (intransitive) to live, reside, dwell (to remain or be settled permanently, or for a considerable time) (intransitive) to stay (to remain in a place for a definite or short period of time)

What is the conjugation of Wohnen in the present tense?

The conjugation of wohnen in the present tense is: ich wohne, du wohnst, er wohnt, wir wohnen, ihr wohnt, sie wohnen. For this purpose, the endings -e, -st, -t, -en, -t, -en are appended to the stem wohn. The formation of the forms corresponds to the grammatical rules for the conjugation of the verbs in the present tense . 1 Comment ☆

What is the difference between Wohnen and Leben?

But the difference is significant. Here's how to tell the difference between wohnen and leben and which one to use when. "wohnen" is used for short-term situations. "Ich wohne bei meinen Eltern" ...because I'm at home for the summer. "Ich wohne bei einer Freundin" ...because I'm waiting for my new apartment to open up next week.

What is the answer to Wo wohnst du?

The answer to Wo wohnst du? would be the city or building where you currently live (for example the city where your apartment is). Depending on the context the person asking you Wo wohnst du? just wants to hear "in an apartment" or "in the hotel" or a similar statement.

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