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Frequently Asked Questions

What is 'without prejudice' and when should it be used?

“Without Prejudice” is a phrase that is used in formal legal correspondence or communication to indicate that the content of the document is confidential and cannot be used by the other party in court or in any other way.

What does "without prejudice" really mean?

As you can see, the without prejudice rule is:Used when making a statementIn writing or orallyFurther to a genuine attemptTo settle a disputeWhile preventing the other partyTo use the statement as admission in court

How to use 'without prejudice' correctly?

Use of the term “without prejudice” The “without prejudice” principle means statements made in a document marked “without prejudice” or made verbally on a “without prejudice” basis, in a genuine attempt to settle the dispute, will generally not be admissible in court as evidence against the person making the statement.

What does without prejudice mean legally?

“Without prejudice” is a phrase used to evoke a legal privilege attached to written or verbal communication made by a party to a dispute in a genuine attempt to settle that dispute. It is a rule of evidence that parties can have ‘without prejudice’ discussions to try to settle a dispute out of court.

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