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Frequently Asked Questions

What happened to without a trace?

Without A Trace may have come to an end now but the show is still a firm favourite. The series followed a group of agents working at the FBI’s missing persons unit in New York City. Each episode saw the team pitted against the clock as they tried to find the missing person.

Who is Anthony Murciano from 'without a trace'?

Like many of the other stars on this list, Murciano’s most widely recognized for his full series stint on Without a Trace as FBI agent Danny Taylor. Prior to that gig he had a series regular role on Spyder Games and held small roles in the movies Black Hawk Down, Traffic and Speed 2: Cruise Control.

How many seasons of without a trace are there?

WITHOUT A TRACE may have finished a while ago but the police procedural series is still a favourite among crime drama aficionados. Here’s a look back at the cast of the hit US series about a missing persons unit. CBS drama series Without A Trace ran for seven seasons from 2002 to 2009.

Where can I watch without a trace?

In 2003, the TNT Network acquired syndication rights to the series for US$1.4 million per episode. As of January 2018, Without a Trace can be seen on the basic cable channel POP and the digital TV channel Escape. It apparently airs every day in large blocks, with episodes being shown in the order of their original air dates.

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