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Frequently Asked Questions

What is the best wine rating?

Wine Spectator tasters review wines on the following 100-point scale: Finished wines, reviewed from bottle in blind tastings, are given a single score. A score given as a range (e.g., 90-94) indicates a preliminary score, usually based on a barrel tasting of an unfinished wine.

How do wine ratings work?

Unfortunately, red wine has been categorized with other harmful alcohol beverages, failing consumers at yet another chance at wellness. Let’s cut right to the chase; one fitness and nutrition expert affirms that select food and wine combinations can positively affect the human body.

What is a wine rating scale?

Wine ratings are based on a 0 to 100 point scale that was developed by Robert Parker, an esteemed U.S. wine critic and author of The Wine Advocate. While not all judges agree with Parker’s scale and criteria, it is the most widely used wine rating scale, and has not only become the U.S. standard, but also an international standard.

What are wine ratings?

Wine ratings are scores that are assigned by one or more wine critics to a wine tasted as a summary of that critic’s evaluation of that wine. Wine ratings are a subjective quality score, typically of a numerical nature, given to a specific bottle of wine. In most cases, wine ratings are set by a single wine critic, but in some cases a rating is derived by input from several critics tasting the same wine at the same time.

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