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Frequently Asked Questions

How do I cancel my subscription to Wine Spectator magazine?

To cancel or unsubscribe to a subscription to Wine Spectator magazine, please follow the “Cancel Subscription’" link above. You will need to enter your account number or mailing address to pull up your account. Proceed with the cancellation instructions provided.

Why read Wine Spectator magazine?

Read Wine Spectator magazine when you're on the go! You'll get 1-year of instant access on your tablet or mobile device. Wine Spectator rates over 15,000 wines per year, in every price range, to fit every occasion. Read about the world's great wineries and winemakers and visit restaurants with outstanding wine lists.

How do I Change my Wine Spectator membership email or password?

How can I change my membership email or password? Click on the Manage Account link located at the bottom of every page on Once you've been directed to the next page, please locate yo... How do I subscribe to Wine Spectator magazine?

What is the best wine magazine to subscribe to?

Wine Spectator is devoted to wine, wineries, and the entire wine culture, including ratings and reviews of wines and wineries from all over the world. Since its first issue in 1976, Wine Spectator has been a favorite wine magazine of those who are serious about wine and culture that surrounds it.

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