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Frequently Asked Questions

How do I configure Windows Admin Center to consume Azure updates?

If you have an existing Log Analytics workspace, Windows Admin Center can automatically configure your server to consume updates from Azure Update Management. To get started, go to the Updates tool in a server connection and select “Set up now”, and provide your preferences for the related Azure resources.

How to manage operating system updates in azure automation?

You can use the Update Management solution in Azure Automation to manage operating system updates for your Windows and Linux computers that are deployed in Azure, in on-premises environments, or in other cloud providers. With Windows Admin Center you will get a direct integration with Azure Update Management.

What is the purpose of the Microsoft update center?

Update management center (preview) is a unified service to help manage and govern updates for all your machines. You can monitor Windows and Linux update compliance across your deployments in Azure, on-premises, and on the other cloud platforms from a single dashboard.

How do I manage Windows updates on my Windows Server?

For example how you can use and configure Azure Backup or how you can configure the Azure Network Adapter directly from Windows Admin Center. Windows Admin Center does also allow you to manage Windows Updates on your Windows Server.

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