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Frequently Asked Questions

What are Windows Admin Center extensions?

Windows Admin Center extensions are built using modern web technologies including HTML5, CSS, Angular, TypeScript and jQuery, and can manage target servers via PowerShell or WMI. You can also manage target servers, services, or devices over different protocols such as REST by building a Windows Admin Center gateway plugin.

What's new in Windows Admin Center?

Windows Admin Center, your favorite server management tool, is now generally available in version 2103. Learn all about the enhancements full of demos. You can now manage Windows Servers from the Azure portal with Windows Admin Center. In this "how-to" video you will learn how to do just that in just a few clicks!

What are HPE extensions for Windows Admin Center?

Utilizing HPE’s iLO technology, the HPE Extensions for Windows Admin Center give you direct visibility to server level inventory and diagnostic information to help monitor, manage, and troubleshoot your server infrastructure right in Windows Admin Center.

How to use PowerShell in Windows Admin Center?

Simply click on the PowerShell extension, and the Windows Admin Center will automatically open a PowerShell session that is connected to the target server. You can see what this looks like in the figure below.

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