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Frequently Asked Questions

What is a Plymouth Superbird?

Plymouth Superbird. The Plymouth Superbird was a highly modified, short-lived version of the Plymouth Road Runner with well-known graphics and horn sound. It was the factory's follow up stock car racing design, for the 1970 season, to the Dodge Charger Daytona of 1969, and incorporated many engineering changes and modifications...

What is a Superbird in NASCAR?

Developed specifically for NASCAR racing, the Superbird, a modified Road Runner, was Plymouth's follow-on design to the Charger Daytona fielded by sister company Dodge in the previous season.

Where can I find a 1970 Plymouth Superbird in Pittsburgh?

This eye-grabbing matching numbers, low-mileage V-code 1970 Plymouth Superbird is featured and now available in Maxmotives Flagship Pittsburgh Showroom. It has been driven just...

Why did they make the Mopar Superbird?

It has also been speculated that a motivating factor in the production of the car was to lure Richard Petty back to Plymouth. Both of the Mopar aero cars famously featured a protruding, aerodynamic nosecone, a high-mounted rear wing and, unique to the Superbird, a horn which mimicked the Road Runner cartoon character.

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