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Frequently Asked Questions

Why did Plymouth make the Road Runner?

By 1968, some of the original muscle cars were moving away from their roots as relatively cheap, fast cars as they gained features and increased in price. Plymouth developed the Road Runner to market a lower-priced, basic trim model to its upscale GTX .

When did the Plymouth Road Runner come out in Canada?

The Plymouth Road Runner was named Motor Trend Car of the Year for 1969. Domestic production for the three body styles was 81,125 with an additional 3,295 deliveries in Canada and other countries. The 1970 model year brought new front, and rear end looks to the basic 1968 body, and it would prove to be another success.

What year did the Plymouth Road Runner have a 4-speed transmission?

ISBN 0-87341-027-0. ^ "1968 Plymouth Road Runner 383 Hardtop 4-speed". Retrieved June 24, 2018. ^ "1970 Plymouth Road Runner Hemi Hardtop 4-speed". Retrieved June 24, 2018.

What is the ISBN number for a 1970 Plymouth Road Runner?

ISBN 9780760330791. ^ Mueller, Mike (2006). Chrysler Muscle Cars: The Ultimate Guide. Krause. p. 168. ISBN 9780873499705. Retrieved 8 February 2016. ^ "1970 Plymouth Road Runner Buyer's Guide". Retrieved 2011-11-20.

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