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Frequently Asked Questions

What was Plato famous for?

Plato is famous for being one of the most influential figures in Western philosophy, and his student Aristotle went on to have a similarly large impact on the world.

What are facts about Plato?

Interesting Facts About Plato Vivid traveler. He used to travel a lot as he thought by traveling to distant land he will get to learn more about this world and their culture, societies, ... Young Plato. Not only was he a good student but also performed well as a wrestler and playwright. ... Socrates and Aristotle. ... The Apology. ... Dialogues of Plato. ... Teacher and student painting. ... More items...

What you should know about the philosopher Plato?

An Introduction to Plato and His Philosophical Ideas The Name 'Plato' Plato was originally named Aristocles, but one of his teachers gave him the familiar name, either because of the breadth of his shoulders or his speech. Birth of Plato. ... Plato and Socrates. ... The Legacy of the Academy. ... Eroticism. ... Atlantis. ... Tradition of Plato. ... The Philosopher King. ...

Where was Plato from?

Plato was born in Athens in approximately 428 B.C.E. He was raised in a moderately wealthy, aristocratic family with high political connections. His father was named Ariston and his mother Perictione. According to a late Hellenistic account by Diogenes Laertius, Plato's given name was Aristocles.

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